Tech Trends in Journalism @ ONA

I delivered the 13th annual Tech Trends in Journalism talk at the 2020 Online News Association conference.

The annual talk looks at external drivers of change that journalists and media companies should be thinking about.

In a year full of uncertainty, I focused on three key tech trends that journalists should be thinking about:

  • We’re on the cusp of a new generation of wearable devices that will filter our perception of the world
  • There is a growing ecosystem of synthetic media that journalists must respond to
  • New forms of content won’t be free

If you registered for ONA you can view the talk here. You can also see the slides below.

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Quantitative Futurist Amy Webb started the tradition of bringing Tech Trends to ONA. It was a privilege to follow in her footsteps at ONA2020. Next year’s talk will be given by Paula Rogo, a talented journalist and entrepreneur who founded Kali Media, a podcast network for East African women, and Africa’s first podcast festival.